Me versus other resume pros.

What’s the difference?


What I do is totally different

What I do: open up news doors.

I’m a specialist in writing resumes and tailoring job searches. An investment in your resume is an investment in your career. I’ll show you how to identify transferable skills you don’t know exist yet, then teach you how to convey them in your resume to land the job you think is “a pipe dream”. It’s that simple.

What I don’t do: outsource your future.

They won’t tell you this, but a lot of resume writers moonlight as sales agents who use their industry experience to spark your interest then pass off your resume to a ghostwriter they’ve hired on the cheap. I know, I know, it’s baloney. They may truly believe in what they’re selling, but it is mass-produced.

If you hire LaunchPoint Resume, you hire me, Lauren Hamer. I won’t conduct an intake call and pass your notes off to a writer you’ve never spoken with. You’ll talk with me, you’ll work with me, you’ll learn from me. I believe this is the ONLY way to ensure you leave with a professional profile that gets the results YOU want.

Are we a match?

We should work together if you are:

  • The expert at a lot of things, but have no idea how to say it properly.

  • You’ve been burned by other, more expensive “resume writers” in the past.

  • Contemplating a career pivot, or trying to elevate to a new level and you’re not sure how to make your experience work in your favor.

  • Not getting results with the resume and/or cover letters you’ve been using. Like automatic rejections emails and radio silence.

  • Using a resume that is old, bad and/or includes clichés like “Responsible for …” and “Detail oriented.”

  • You’ve got gaps or other (uhh…) obstacles that you don’t know quite how to address.

If you resonate with any of the statements above, contact me because I’m your girl.

You’re probably better off with another writer if you are:

  • Looking for a recruiter. My experience as a resume writer has earned me a few insider secrets typical of the recruiting world, but I’m not your hiring manager. I can’t conduct your job search for you.

  • Lukewarm about making a move. My best work comes from clients who are motivated to change their situation NOW. Yes, it’s smart to be proactive about your resume, but if you don’t have the time to commit to working on your portfolio now, let’s regroup when you are.

  • Hesitant to discuss your work history and your future goals. The more details I know of your background, the better your resume will be. Be prepared to dive deep in our call. It helps. Also, I’ll help you identify a job search strategy, but you need to tell me what interests you first. Think: marketing, account management, supply chain consultant, etc.

Does this sound good?

Click here to contact me. We’ll get the ball rolling shortly. Still have more questions? Read our FAQs.