Competition is no joke, folks. For every job you’re stalking, someone will have a resume that knocks every sock right off. Let's ensure that someone is you.

There's no college course on job searching or how to navigate the real world ... but that's where we come in. Does your resume properly reflect your talents? LaunchPoint Resume offers a variety of services that help you stay competitive in the job market.  We're a true one-stop shop. 

Allow our certified professional resume writers to give you everything you need to send your career to the next level:

  • Professional resume writing

  • Dover letter writing

  • ATS Friendly Resume Templates

  • Job search and interview prep support (Looking at you, LinkedIn).

Why LaunchPoint Resume?

After working on 350+ resumes, I know what works and what doesn’t. Anyone can rewrite a resume…

In fact, if you’re looking for someone to simply rearrange a few sentences and keyword stuff your doc into a tangled mess, I’m not your girl. The most effective resumes have:

  • Bullet points that emit accomplishments, not tasks

  • A defined purpose and direction hiring managers can digest in seconds

  • A clean, modern, and sleek layout

  • A format that gets past those pesky Application Tracking Systems

Get to know Lauren here!

Get to know Lauren here!

My resumes will get you interviews. Period.

But I’ll need your help. I write for every almost every industry and position, but I can't just pull information out of a hat. The more info you provide me, whether it be via my questionnaire or bits you mention through our phone chats and emails, the better I will be able to create an effective document that is tailored to your unique goals.

Once I have all the info I need, I’ll transform it into a resume that will draw employers and recruiters like moths to a flame.