How it all began...

I’m your go-to girl for all things career. But it wasn’t always that way. Before diving head first into resume writing, I was a young professional and a recent graduate feeling the frustration of the job search. (The “three jobs in two years” kind of frustration.) I know what it’s like to read through hundreds of job postings, knowing my resume is being scanned and forgotten (along with all my hyper-relevant skills and qualifications).

Post-college, I found myself bouncing around from sales roles, marketing jobs, and even customer success. But not-a-one of those positions made me happy. So I went back to what I know — I launched (ha!) LaunchPoint Resume full-time leveraging what I studied in school: Writing. Consulting. Advising.

Now, I’ve overhauled more than 350 resumes all across America. With one-on-one consultations and a personalized approach to resume writing, I ensure that your true VALUE shines through that online application portal and lands you the interview. How do I do it? With resumes that grab you at hello. To me, pretense is snotty, so my advice is practical, actionable, and unfiltered.

LaunchPoint Resume is committed to creating a customized portfolio unique to you and your qualifications.  A bold one-two punch that ensures employers notice your attention to detail, showing them that calling you for an interview would be their best decision yet.

My goal? Inspire confidence and reignite the spark that comes from working a job you love! Let’s put the future in your hands rather than some anonymous recruiter. What do you say, you in?

Meet Lauren!

Hey there, I'm Lauren. A professional resume writer and overall word geek who is excited to wake up and log into work every morning!

Here’s a few quick professional facts about me so you know I mean business:

  • I’m a member of Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaching PARW/CC.

  • My sweet spot is resume & cover letter writing, design, ATS friendly resume template design.

  • I’m a Certified Professional Resume Writer, CPRW.

  • I love to write. I founded the career and real life disability blog, CaPABLE ...and Beyond and my journalistic pieces have been featured on AOL, Yahoo!, The Muse, Glassdoor, Classy Career Girl, and more!).

On a more fun note:

  • Where you’ll find me: in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe attempting to become the next Pioneer Woman.

  • I’m five minutes older than my twin sister.

  • I couldn’t live without: black coffee, hardcover books, and my rescue pup Lyle.

  • Oh, and I’m an Enneagram type 5 (knowledge is power, baby!)

Our Strengths

  • Creating targeted resume content for all career levels and industries.

  • Writing job-specific, eye-catching cover letters to accompany your application.

  • Minor Resume Updates-for-Life guarantee - perfect for promotions and/or developmental additions.

  • Conceptualizing a personal branding strategy across LinkedIn and social media that expand the job search.

Our Overhaul Process


  1. New clients will browse services available on the "SERVICES" tab.

  2. Clients can opt to contact us to ask questions about services first or purchase the service to get started right away.

  3. Clients will receive a response within 48 hours of submission.

  4. You will either schedule a phone consultation or send existing resume and cover letter documents for review.

  5. Once your payment is processed, your Certified Professional Resume Writer will analyze your career goals and background and determine the most effective strategies for your presentation and content.

  6. Your resume writer will spend the next two business days creating effective resume and cover letter content specific to your unique qualifications.

  7. You will receive your first drafts by email.

  8. You will have the opportunity provide feedback to the writer and request any changes to the formatting and content with revisions sent by email (within a reasonable time frame).

  9. Your resume writer will work with you to perfect your professional portfolio in honor of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  10. Your resume writer remains available via email or by appointment for questions, minor portfolio edits, and general recommendations as you navigate the job search.