Weeknight Resume Builder


Weeknight Resume Builder


(eBook version)

Whether you’re drafting your first post-collegiate resume, or you need to rehash the clunker you’ve been modifying periodically for the last 20 years, this Weeknight Resume Builder will take the guessing game out of writing a downright killer resume and cover letter. Step by step.

Introducing: The Weeknight Resume Builder.

The purpose of this eBook/builder is to help you craft a brilliant, intriguing, software-friendly, there-is-no-one-better-suited-for-this-role-than-me resume … in three hours or less. You can do this after work, no sweat.

This builder straight-up GIVES you ALL THE TOOLS you need to create an effective resume FAST. It really has never been this simple. Or this affordable.

The Weeknight Resume Builder includes:

  1. Completed resume examples for you to slice and dice as you see fit.

  2. Two downloadable, editable, and usable ATS resume templates.

  3. General advice and FYI’s about resume writing and the modern-day job search.

  4. The LaunchPoint Resume Brainstormer, so you know exactly what info to keep and delete.

  5. List of 101 Essential Buzzwords that will elevate your resume writing to pro-status.

Nearly all the information I give to my LaunchPoint Resume clients is available to you for a FRACTION of the price. Pillage as you please.

So when you’d rather explain why you’re still single at 30 than work another day at your dead-end job, take action. At LaunchPointResume.com, we believe that you make your own luck.

Start with your resume.

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The Weeknight Resume Builder is for:

  • College students wary of recycled career center jargon.

  • Young Professionals with limited funds but unlimited skillz.

  • People who want to learn in a way that’s not mind-numbingly boring or preachy. And they definitely don’t want to hold a conversation about their resume with a stranger. Or be required to wear real pants while doing so.

  • Job seekers who haven’t tackled the job search since Y2K.

  • People who want a results-generating resume without having to invest in a professional resume writer, or even talk to one. (But we do offer this at LaunchPoint Resume. And we do it quite well.)

  • Those of you that need a resume refresher but don’t wanna give up consecutive nights of TV time to overhaul their resume or build one from scratch.

  • #Goaldiggers embarrassed to give out their current resume, knowing it’s not doing them any favors.

Searching for a more personalized experience? The Complete Resume Overhaul is the ultimate resume re-do. You’ll have a one-on-one consultation with Lauren, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, then she will personally create a killer resume and cover letter that knocks socks.