Student Resume Revamp Service

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Student Resume Revamp Service


“Please submit an expanded resume offering additional information about your achievements.”  But … I just wrote an essay! 

More than one-third of colleges and universities have specified requirements for  resume submissions. Some may say that it’s an optional upload…but is it really? Choose this option if your resume is far from desirable … or if you don’t have a resume at all! We’ll let you know what’s required of this doc and how to knock socks off every admissions counselor determining your post-secondary fate.

  • Resume content creation from a professional resume writer.

  • Cover letter template PLUS recommendations for what to mention in a cover letter destined for the hallowed hails of the University.

  • Stunning, ATS software-friendly docs — perfect for pesky online application portals.

  • PERFECT FOR: High school students, college applications, college students, internships.


Have a few questions you'd like to ask before getting started? Contact us for more information. 

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