Do It Yourself

Are you more of a DIY person?  Need a resume revamp fast - as in your dream job application closes tomorrow, and your current professional portfolio is dull or non-existent?!  If you'd be embarrassed to hand out your resume in its current state, browse our LPRshop for instant assistance.  Launch Point Resume makes it easy for you to create, curate, and design your own resume and cover letter with our downloadable design templates- at a fraction of the cost of professional writing services.

Just follow the steps, or purchase your items a la carte.

We've got your back!  If you find yourself at a roadblock and you're completely unsure if your resume is portraying you in the best light, our service packages are here to help.  Browse the different options for a resume overhaul revamped by a professional resume writer.


Step One: Write It!

Guides & Builders



Every outstanding resume and cover letter needs intriguing content in order to make it through the hiring process.  LaunchPoint Resume's start-up kits are designed to get you in the right frame of mind before settling in to write your resume and cover letter.  Whether you're a newbie to resume creation, or a working professional unsure of how to update your resume for 2018, these kits will help.  We ask all the right questions and guide you along the way with helpful tips, advice, and how-to's. 

  DIY Resume Start-Up Kit  - $25.00

DIY Resume Start-Up Kit - $25.00

  Cover Letter Start-Up Kit  - $20.00

Cover Letter Start-Up Kit - $20.00



Step Two: Design It!

Resume & Cover Letter Templates



Once your content is top notch, you'll want everyone from your colleagues to favorite barista to read what you so meticulously crafted.  Don't let your resume get overshadowed in the application process - put your resume on a stage where it can shine with our design templates!  Our customizable and unique templates let the hiring team know you mean business and help you stand out from your competition.

  The Go-Getter  - 35.00

The Go-Getter - 35.00

  The Up-and-Comer  - $35.00

The Up-and-Comer - $35.00

  The Trailblazer -  $35.00

The Trailblazer - $35.00

  The Heavy Hitter -  $35.00

The Heavy Hitter - $35.00

   The Pioneer   - $35.00

The Pioneer - $35.00

   The Innovator   - $35.00

The Innovator - $35.00

  The Achiever  - $35.00

The Achiever - $35.00

  The High Flyer  - $35.00

The High Flyer - $35.00


Step Three: Launch It!




Everything you need to launch your career at your fingertips!  How do you create a professional brand online?  What about interview strategies?  It's enough to drive you mad!  But don't worry - we've got it all right here for you.

  inkedIn Start-Up Kit  - $30.00

inkedIn Start-Up Kit - $30.00


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