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The CaP-ABLE ...and Beyond blog was developed by Lauren as a additional resource for people needing career advice.  It can be hard to navigate the job search as an experienced worker, yet alone, a young professional fresh out of college.  Browse our arsenal of tips and advice regarding resumes, interviewing, networking, establishing your personal brand, and general life lessons that I've learned as an adult in the career industry.

What's with the blog name, you ask?  I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) as an infant.  While my disability is "mild" in terms of the Cerebral Palsy spectrum, my situation has taught me lessons at age 25 that most people may never get to experience in an entire lifetime.  I realized my inabilities produced capabilities that make up my unique VALUE and WORTH.  And the lessons I've been forced to learn were useful when it came time to graduate college and enter the real world. 

We all have to start somewhere- a Launch Point specific to only ourselves.  As you prepare for the take-off that sends you beyond your comfort zone, there are lessons you'll want to take with you.  Follow me on my journey, and forge your own path along the way.

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